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Open source monitoring systems for pollinators & orchids

(Above) Masdevallia hortensis, found in  cloud forests at elevations around 2600 metersThe tropical Andes are a global biodiversity hotspot expected to suffer more pronounced effects of global warming than any other mountain ecosystem worldwide. The likelihood that...

Progress report – February 2020 – Thermal imaging for human-wildlife conflict

The Arribada Initiative is back with an update on our thermal elephant alert system which aims to reduce human-elephant conflict (HEC). Our idea for an alert system combines low-cost thermal sensors, machine learning, and wireless transmission to build an affordable...

We’re all in this together. My Shuttleworth Fellowship

I'm a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. In around 5 months time I'll transition to Alumni, as a Fellowship has a limit of 3 years. On the first day of my Fellowship I wrote a piece about the road ahead. Reading it back this morning, it reminded me of those early days,...

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