Building a better camera trap

Mar 11, 2019
A few months ago, I

Gone tree climbing

Sep 18, 2018
I love daring activities, the more curious the better; night scuba diving, active volcano research, the highest bungee jump, flying trapeze. Which is why the first time I saw someone climb 40 meters into the [...]
Conflict between humans and wildlife is increasing as human communities expand and wild habitats are destroyed. As a winner of the Human Wildlife [...]
The power of 1 hour of solar energy reaching our planet is equivalent to our current annual global energy consumption. Nature knows this - virtually all life depends on photosynthesis in the food chain. [...]
It’s $50, the size of a credit card, and can record uncompressed audio at 384,000 samples per second. The AudioMoth, designed and developed by the Open Acoustic Devices team, offers researchers and acousticians [...]

Raw GPS data decoding with RTKLIB

Mar 7, 2017
I was delighted to discover Tim Everett's blog documenting the use of RTKLIB and uBlox GPS receivers. RTKLIB is an open source [...]

What’s next for the green sea turtle “Pit Stop” tag?

Mar 6, 2017
Prior to my Fellowship, I embarked on a unique project to dramatically reduce the cost of tagging green sea turtles. The objective was to acquire spatial and behavioural data using open source principles and [...]

It begins

Mar 6, 2017
Today, it all begins. Luckily, it's a wonderful blue sky day too. This morning I'll be sipping my coffee as a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. This, to me, [...]